The Ultimate Grilling Space

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We’ve already covered getting your outdoor space ready for entertaining, now let’s get into prepping a Summer time essential: the grilling station.

Keep it Fresh

Coming from a big farming state, we are big proponents for growing your own produce, but that’s not always an option for some people. If anything, we suggest creating your own little herb garden. Fresh herbs really do take your dishes to the next level.

An herb garden really can be as simple as grouping together a few of your favorites like rosemary, mint and basil in a large pot near the grill. Not to mention these herbs are also great for crafting Summer cocktails! Take a little trip to your local home and garden store and fresh flavor will be ripe for the picking all Summer long.


Clean it Up

It’s time to tackle cleaning up the grill! Here is what you’ll need:

  1. Clean rags/paper towels

  2. Rubber gloves

  3. Sponge/Brillo pad

  4. Grill Brush

  5. Glass Cleaner

  6. Dish Soap

  7. Warm water

First, you will want to run the grill for 10-15 minutes to loosen up any leftover gunk. After the time is up, let it begin to cool down and start scraping the top and bottom of the castings inside the grill with he flat side of your grill brush.

Grab your Brillo pad or sponge, dish soap and warm water and get to work on the grids! TIP: pre-soaking the grids in a bath of warm water and soap for an hour beforehand make the process MUCH easier!

Next, take your sponge and more warm, soapy water and begin cleaning the exterior of the grill to remove any residue from last year’s grilling.

Use your rags or paper towels and the window cleaner to remove grease streaks from both stainless steel and other exterior surfaces.

If your grill has a cabinet, be sure to clean out any leaves or cobwebs that may have accumulated over the colder months.

Remember to check the gas levels and refill the propane tank or stock up on charcoal!

Keep it Together

Now that everything has been cleaned, ensure all of your tools and ingredients have a proper place to be stored. Having your utensils and spices at the ready makes prep work so much easier. Plus, with not having to run in and out of the house, you’ll be able too keep your focus on safely manning the grill and monitoring your food.

Check out some of these items below:

Tools of the Trade

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Summer 2018 Color Trends

Summer has always been about casting out the dark and dreary with bright and fun colors. The Summer 2018 color trends sure do not disappoint us there, but there may be a few curveballs you wouldn't expect.



This is a truly joyous and radiant color that exudes warmth, inspiration and vitality. Research shows that colors of the yellow family increase mental activity, awareness and energy.

Incorporating yellow into your home promotes a sense of optimism, prompting feelings of happiness in all who enter.

Color suggestion // SW6674 Jonquil




Greens represent growth and renewal. Adding different shades of green can add drama, contrast, richness and balance all at once, Shades such as sage have a soothing quality. Mixing it with whites and grays can create a contemporary look, while incorporating natural elements gives an organic feel.

Color suggestion // SW6178 Clary Sage



Dark blue represents knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness. Navy is a fun way of adding drama and sophistication to any space whether it's on a wall or a piece of furniture.

Color suggestion // SW9178 In The Navy (pictured)



Pink is moving away from a little girl's room and into more spaces within the home. A soft and restrained pink, like blush, or a beige with pink undertones creates a soothing feeling.

Color suggestion // SW7110 Cosmetic Blush



Here't that curveball we warned you about! Incorporating black into your space may sound like a daunting task, but it has great benefits. Black exudes strength and sophistication while creating amazing contrast when paired with bright colors and natural elements.

Color suggestion // SW6178 Tricorn Black


While grays are still on trend, there tends to be a lot of frustration surrounding finding that perfect true gray shade. Skip the headache and opt for a warm white. The color is fresh, clean and airy without being too stark.

Color suggestion // SW9165 Gossamer Veil (pictured)