K-CUP Accessories Series

Transform Your Coffee Corner

K-Cup Accessories Series

Take back your countertop with the K-Cup Series; the beautiful drawers, inserts, and filler panel accessories neatly organize your pods and free up your limited workspace. 

Two-Tiered K-Cup Drawer

Solid maple drawers, expertly crafted to maximize storage capacity, feature an upper tray that can hold up to 40 pods. The tray slides back to reveal a lower compartment large enough to house all your necessary accessories.

Designed for face frame 18" base cabinet drawer, this drawer is easy to install: just replace your cabinet slide runners and re-attach your existing drawer front.

The Two-Tiered K-Cup Drawer is a must for all coffee and tea lovers.


Wood K-Cup Tray Insert

The solid wood inserts hold up to 30 K-Cups, giving you valuable pod storage. Unlike our K-Cup drawer, these inserts require no installation at all. Simply drop them into your drawer and you are ready to go. 

Available for 18- or 24-inch drawers, they can be cut down to fit any smaller drawer as well. Combine them with any other Rev-A-Shelf inserts for a unique application suited to your exact needs. 


K-Cup Accessory for 3-Inch Wall Filler

Sold as an accessory to our 432 3" Wall Filler line, this K-Cup holder holds 44 pods and installs easily with only a few included screws.

The durable construction and sleek wire design, combined with our space saving filler pullouts, make this the perfect purchase for any coffee or tea lover.