Puck Lighting Solutions


Tresco Lighting by Rev-A-Shelf offers 10 (and growing!) puck lighting solutions for commercial and residential projects. FIND A DISTRIBUTOR NEAR YOU

Power Pockit 1W | Long life, minimal maintenance, and brilliant performance for just pennies a day. The 1W replaceable LED chip provides constant illumination and exceptionally accurate color rendering, all without high energy consumption or output | 90-degree beam spread, 25,000 hour life, durable metal construction, & dimmable.

Pockit Plus 1.5W | Clean lines PLUS cutting edge bulb technology to provide powerful, bright light w/out wasted energy | 90-degree spread, surface mount ring, & dimmable. 

Power Pockit 3W | Versatility like never before. Flood and task lighting that can be used for interior cabinets, under cabinets and store displays. This energy efficient LED provides a crisp, uniform wash over illuminate objects | Wide 120-degree beam spread, surface mount ring, dimmable, six finishes, & 3-year warranty. 

Power Pockit 5W | Light up the room with an astounding 2.5X brighter than the industry leading 3W version. 290 lumens of light are evenly distributed and eliminate the "dotted" appearance on surfaces. At only 1/4" depth, it's also the slimmest puck light on the market | wide 100-degree beam spread, high output, dimmable, Luniform technology, 3-year warranty, & four finishes.

Pockit Point | Meet the smallest LED spot light on the market. Perfect for highlighting tight spaces. Enjoy a very low profile, recess depth of only 7/16", a collar spring, mini converter to protect the LED diode and a 79" starter cord attached to AMP connector | Nearly 70 lumens of output, 90-degree beam spread, three finishes, & 1-year warranty.

Pockit Spot | Spotlight-like high focus with an exceptionally low profile. Keep countertops, kiosks and display cases center stage with this dimmable, all metal construction solution | 3-year commercial grade warranty, focused 30-degree beam spread & spring clip for recessing.

Pockit Adapt | 3 beam-angle changing lenses make this solution as adaptable as practical. Recess or surface mount and enjoy a staggering 250 lumen output. 25-degree, 45-degree, and 60-degree lenses, 3-year commercial grade warranty, & dimmable.

3W EquiLine Puck | With recessed or surface mount ability, EquiLine LED Pucks are perfect for use in a wide range of applications. Designed for the economically conscious, they feature a slim profile and a 79" started cord and AMP connector | 100-degree beam spread, dimmable, two finishes, & 1-year warranty.

Swing | Create a standout design with the lowest 360-degree swiveling puck light on the marketing. The innovative, interchangeable ball and socket design give incomparable versatility | Built-in glare eliminating CSR technology, 15-degree pivoting face, surface mount ring, slim profile, & 3-year warranty.

Solo | A spotlight worthy of a solo performance. The unique shallow rim mounts flush to create a seamless transition from light to the surrounding surface. | Slim profile, recessed installation, detachable starter cord, CSR technology, & 3-year warranty.