14 Ways To Upgrade Your Home

Upgrade your home this spring with these quick and affordable ideas. 

Add functional storage to your entry way | Mount a table to the wall. Cut it in half and mount half if the walk way is slim. Install hanging shelves above with hooks and don't forget that less is more in regards to this space. 

Dress up your front door | Fresh coat of paint? New door entirely? Add some plants to frame the door? 

Switch your lighting fixtures | Whether you update them all or tackle one, switch out the fixture(s) you deem outdated. Hot spots include: over the dining table, the hallway, the bathroom, patio/porch, and the kitchen.

Upgrade your hardware | Door knobs, drawer handles, and sink faucets- change them out and marvel at the huge difference that alone makes!

Spruce up your yard | Plant flowers, edge the walk ways, and treat the grass. Clean the patio, sweep the porch and change out furniture. Whatever you identify as a need, tackle accordingly.

Add crown molding | Add a defining touch to your rooms with crown molding, keeping in mind your home's specific architectural style. 

Change your ceiling | But really. Popcorn ceilings take away from all this hard work! Scrap it all off and provide a fresh paint coat. 

Upgrade your windows | Such a worthy investment. High-efficiency windows save money all year long, from keeping the A/C in during the summer and the heat during the winter. 

Dress up your fireplace | Your fireplace tends to be the focal point of the room. Make sure it's saying the right thing. Extend it to the ceiling, add crown molding, accent the brick, etc. 

Add new lighting | Add dimmers to give a fresh atmosphere, accent lighting to show off areas, and task lighting to illuminate work spaces. 

Replace an appliance | Pick the oldest appliance you have and upgrade it. You may even save electricity and/or water if it's the dishwasher, fridge or W/D unit.

Recaulk the bath | Remove the old, clean the space really well, and add the new caulk. 

Update the rugs | Hallway & kitchen runners and bathroom & den rugs can all be deep cleaned or updated to add a new style to a space.

Organize it all | Don't spend a penny before you declutter your belongings and toss/donate/recycle items you simply don't use or need.  



Change the look and feel of your house with these ideas that are easily manageable and affordable. This list is also a great starting point if you're looking to sell your house and want to improve value without major renovations.